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Portrait Marie Marsaudon

Marie de Lubyloon

The birth of my two children shed new light on my way of life.
Their teachings promoted me a passionate explorer of personal and spiritual development. I then left the medical environment in which I worked to live in instinctive creativity. Since then, I like to let my soul express its magic and study the universes that call me.
Today I have the courage to share the energy of this oracle.
An oracle that took a little over a year to hatch. A powerful adventure alongside Alicia, the artist of my soul who was able to trace on paper the features of my thoughts. I savored his birth, aware that a dream come true. He grew up with me during my creative phases, so it is with as much lightness and pleasure that I wish to introduce him.
Creator / author of the Oracle of Whispers.
In my lair, I love to create with my hands. By passion for the materials and their colors, I propose my creations on my little online shop LUBYLOON.

My angels

Thank you to them for their contribution.

Alicia Mathieu. Ash-colored

Illustrator of the Oracle of Whispers

Illustrator and dreamer.
Independent illustrator, it is after a passage in the Beaux-Arts of Besançon, then studies in Communication that she decided to embark on her own adventure.
His universe rests on three pillars: Imagination, Magic and Spiritual Awakening. What she loves above all in an image is her story, and the different worlds in which she can carry you. It's an invitation to travel.

Julie Guinebaud. The French feather

Translator of the Oracle Whisperer's Booklet

Passionate about both the language of Molière and that of Shakespeare,
she is particularly fond of Anglo-Saxon culture.
"My pen is yours"

Kaser. Phil Alves

Lubyloon logo designer

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