Get to know his game

This moment of discovery, the meeting.
You hold in your hands your brand new game.
Choose carefully because his artistic universe speaks to you.
The relationship between you and him will be created over time, however, I would like to reveal my few habits of handling.

Browse the cards.

The first shared moment is very special, as very first time.
That's why, I like to make it sacred.
First, scan the cards one by one.
During this time when you observe the illustrations, let come to you what they inspire you, your own meanings. You can, ideally, write down all of this in the form of keywords.
Setting up a workbook in connection with the use of your game is a very interesting exercise in my opinion.
Create your own accompanying booklet.
In addition, it will allow you to compile your prints. It is sometimes useful to compare the full moon or other prints to see if there is redundancy in the answers and thus determine the influences of the moon on you. It will allow you to clarify a draw whose message did not seem appropriate at the moment.
This notebook will be your grimoire of job, a personal tool that you can fill with all the magic that lives in you.

Browse the accompanying booklet.

Then comes the time to discover the booklet accompanying the game It will guide you on his soul. You will know if the meanings of its creator are in harmony with yours. If this is not the case, do not panic. You can at first, try to understand the meanings of the author. For some, after study, you can join, find common ground, but for others your meaning will always make more sense. Know that your truth is in my opinion the one that must dominate during your draws. Trust your intuition while knowing your open to new horizons, new truths.

After this first meeting, come the time of unification, of alliance with his game. The latter to travel to come to you, so he rubbed shoulders with various energies that do not belong to you, it will have to be harmonized with what you are. For this, bring yourself white sage (dried herbs that can be found in esoteric shop or grow in his garden). Make your game dance in the smoke released by this combustion by visualizing the foreign energies escaping from it. So purify and perfume (by the way), it is time to handle it. Stir the cards spontaneously for as long as you like and let your hands shed in this game your personal energies.

You can now make a draw for discovery.

I propose here a draw in five cards.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 to 11.48.20

1 card:
The game. How is it defined?
2 card:
In my hands what becomes of him?
3 card:
Me, how does he see me?
4 card:
Who am I facing him?
5 card:
We, our relationship would be defined by ...

Example of interpretation.

1 CARD: The game is defined as spontaneous, insuscient. He keeps his child's soul and frees himself from social codes.

2 CARD: In my hands this oracle will bring magic to my life. Will he become the catcher of my dreams?

3 CARD: He sees me as an egg hatching. I am for him in full growth, I wake up.

4 CARD: In front of him I am bound. Being him the child would not I be the mother? Are not our children the greatest teachers of our life?

5 CARD: Our relationship will be simple and light. A union promise of freedom.

Tidy up

When you put it away, there are various possibilities. In a public place or in a more intimate place? At your fingertips on your altar or among the group in your tarot (tarot collection)? In a personalized box or just in its original box? He will be intuitively in his place knowing that nothing is immutable.

Small bonus:

- Sleep with your game on your bedside table.
-Place on your game, if you feel the desire, a crystal that you have chosen for its virtues so that it impregnates.

At each end of article I allow myself a wish:
"Let this game become your ally, your guide.
For a unique relationship. "

By Marie de Lubyloon.