The Oracle of Whispers


"Let his cards be such a guide for you.
Hear her murmurs, a reflection of your inner wisdom. "

Box containing a set of 52 cards with its accompanying booklet.
French English.


Author: Marie Marsaudon
Illustrator: Alicia Mathieu
Translator: Julie Guinebaud

Reissue: Release scheduled for August 2020 at Arcana sacra.

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This oracle was created at 4 hands.
I had the chance to share this adventure with Alicia, the artist of my soul who was able to trace on paper the features of my thoughts.

This game is a personal development tool accessible to all.
Facilitating the reception and the understanding of your being, for a fulfilled and chosen life through the spiritual awakening.

Size of the cards: 8,7 x 12,5 cm.

The Oracle of Whispers - Self Published - 1er Edition 2019.

Reissue: release scheduled for August 2020 at Arcana sacra.

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